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Our expertise lies in various many areas such as:

  • Resin
  • Block Paving
  • Tarmac
  • Dropped Curbs

Resin driveway solutions are unique using a mix of aggregates and adhesives to create visually stunning paths or drives. It’s an alternative to traditional building aesthetics which has been rising in popularity but is it for everyone?

There are pros and cons to consider.
  • Some of the benefits include its SUD compliance (suitable drainage systems) which reduces flood risk and avoids planning complications. Porous enough to let water through but strong enough to resist cracking. Permeability is an added advantage. Overlaying on top of your existing base can be financially tempting however you have to consider this could cause drainage problems down the line. We can advise you on whether your existing base is permeable during the quote.
  • Low maintenance benefits include no weeds, no gardening, no loose gravel, power wash friendly, frost resistant and anti-slip helping avoid trips, slips, and falls in the winter.
  • Resin driveways while the most efficient are not the most cost effective. The process of laying resin driveways is more complicated than block paving which is reflected in the price. The longevity is 25 plus years however when installed by incompetent contractor’s problems can occur. Make sure you use a reputable company like us. It can be expensive if it goes wrong. Laying a resin driveway consists of measuring exact ratios in correct temperatures to avoid patchy shoddy work.
  • Resin driveways are economical, suitable for all homes, maintenance free coming in wide Varity of sizes, shapes, and colours.
  • The installation is simple! Lay a base of concrete, asphalt or tarmac then pour the resin mix on top. Spread across according to design.
  • Resin paths and drives are especially useful for those using disability aids like wheelchairs.

Resin bound

Resin Bound is proving itself as a stand alone driveway solution. Its luxurious look, practicality and low maintenance properties are some of the reasons it’s a firm favorite with home owners across the UK. It’s a cost effective way to level up the look of your home while ensuring longevity and practicality to meet your families needs. Building contractors, landscapers and gardens are often using this system above others on new projects.

The process involves laying a durable mixed resin onto an existing or new concrete base. Dried aggregates are then mixed with the dried resin. The mix is troweled onto the base to give a smooth flat finish without any loose gravel. The porous surface allows for water to pass through. This is known as permeable suitable drainage system. The resin bound system allows more choice and design then any other system. We believe no other drive way solution offers this level of quality, durability, strength, structural or design.

The resin bound system is the highest quality system currently available.

Resin Bonded

Resin bonded while sounding similar to resin bound is a different process. Instead of the aggregate being mixed into the resin it is spread across. This process still allows the resin to mix with the aggrege but some gravel will remain lose. This provides an ideal solution for those looking for the lose gravel aesthetic but without the hassle of movement and heavy replacement. This system does not allow water to pass through like resin bound as there is a solid layer underneath.

Block paving

ORD are driveway specialists and block paving is our bread and butter. We enjoy creating visually stunning paved drives and pay great attention to detail with every aspect of the job. The depth of the base is important as it has to take the weight of vehicles, stop blocks from separating, splitting and sinking. Block paving is a wonderful way to create bespoke looks in a variety of colours.


Tarmac is an excellent driveway solution but there are several types for different needs. Asphalt driveways are highly popular and for good reason. They are a minimal maintenance long lasting durable driveway solution. There weather resistant properties and lower cost instillation makes them a popular choice in the UK.

There are two types of asphalt driveways. Asphalt concrete and stone mastic Asphalt.

Asphalt concrete is a more economical macadam surfacing option made up with predominantly 20 mm-sized aggregates. Our contractors will guide you on how best to lay the material either as a dense road base, dense binder course or dense surface course. Also known as a base, course and surf.

Asphalt concretes are generally constructed into three layers.

  • A base course layer made of larger aggregates and installed at larger depth best for heavily traffic areas.
  • A binder course made from smaller aggregate to add structural integrity and act as a buffer between the base and surface.
  • A surface course made from fine aggregate to produce a smooth finish.

Not all driveways require all three layers which is why our expert contractors will guide you making the right choice.

Stone mastic asphalt is an upgraded version of the standard asphalt concrete system. It was designed to be more durable relying on interlocking stone structure for improved strength compared to its counterpart. It’s proven to withstand a heavier traffic flow with less aggregate disturbance then regular asphalt. With stone mastic asphalt a polymers can be added to increase resistance to cracking or hardening. As it uses a finer mix the visual appearance falls between a dense base and open textured materials

Why not take advantage of our free survey and consultation service to see what’s possible to achieve for your home.

Dropped curbs

Dropped curbs create a stone edge barrier between pavements and roads that are lowered to give vehicles or pedestrians with disability aids like wheelchairs or pushchairs easy access. Our range of curbs are a perfect solution for contain driveways while adding a visually pleasing accent to your paths and pavements. The right curb gives a robust durable barrier between surfaces. Our contractors can offer you a wide range of curb designs to suit the aesthetic of your home. One advantage of a dropped down curb: Stop pesky drivers parking In front of your drive. It is illegal to park In front of a dropped curb regardless of if yellow lines are in place or not. You will need to apply for a licence for a dropped curb unless one is already installed in the home upon purchase. Once you have submitted your application form the highway authority will take a deposit to carry out a site safety assessment. This is something our contractors can guide you on. If agreed, you will need to settle the balance and send the construction specification granted to us your contractor. The work will have to be completed to spec within 6 months something we can guarantee.

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